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What is a Creativity Doula?

A creativity doula is like a birth doula, but instead of baby humans, we’ll work together to birth your creative visions, launch your next project, and put the work you’re most passionate about, out into the world. And, come to think of it,  this new creative phase might involve you birthing an actual human or starting your own family. Whatever it is, I’ll help you to cultivate a creative life.

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Depth Hypnosis sessions with Alexis over the internet are exactly what I need. Working over the phone or skype allows me to do the work without the stress of the time and traffic to get to her.  Alexis is clear, direct, spacious, insightful, supportive and extremely skilled. I know this because I am also a Depth Hypnosis practitioner! 

Rachel Y.

I’m floating into my purpose after Alexis’ depth hypnosis and shaman journey workshop! Alexis holds incredible space for the group; catering to each individual with such strength, clarity, and tenderness. She is able to extract the golden gems in what he/she has shared within the workshop’s circle and reframes it in a tangible way, allowing us to walk away knowing which direction to take and how to carry our own selves with more tenderness and acceptance. This work is great for realigning with your creative purpose and developing a system for knowing when you are off track and when you are on.

Julie C.
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