About Me


Alexis Cohen

I am Certified Hypnotherapist/Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Creativity Coach and Visual Artist. I have a practice in Los Angeles and work virtually and over the phone as well.

I use these creative forms to help my clients rediscover a sense of self-love through gentle and supportive techniques of transformation.

With a decade-long background as a Doula, I find that my work in birth has woven into my current practices, and has transformed the way I see my life and the lives and experiences of my hypnotherapy clients. While I’m serious about supporting folks in their process, I use humor and a playful spirit to make healing and personal transformation energizing and attainable.

You can check out my art website here.


We went deep on the topic of healing work and creativity for this episode. Thanks to the Conjure podcast for having me on the mic.

Depth Hypnosis sessions with Alexis over the internet are exactly what I need. Working over the phone or skype allows me to do the work without the stress of the time and traffic to get to her.  Alexis is clear, direct, spacious, insightful, supportive and extremely skilled. I know this because I am also a Depth Hypnosis practitioner! 

Rachel Y.

I’m floating into my purpose after Alexis’ depth hypnosis and shaman journey workshop! Alexis holds incredible space for the group; catering to each individual with such strength, clarity, and tenderness. She is able to extract the golden gems in what he/she has shared within the workshop’s circle and reframes it in a tangible way, allowing us to walk away knowing which direction to take and how to carry our own selves with more tenderness and acceptance. This work is great for realigning with your creative purpose and developing a system for knowing when you are off track and when you are on.

Julie C.

Alexis gave me the powerful jumpstart I needed to pursue my creativity again and find harmony in all aspects of my life. Her “Women’s Creative Empowerment Workshop” was the most eye-opening spiritual healing I’ve ever experienced because of her effective, straight-to-the-point techniques, as well as her great compassion and understanding. After working with Alexis, you will have the solutions you were always searching for to finally eliminate those obstacles getting in the way of your creative vision. Her services and workshops will be the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself.

Julia P.

I’ve done therapy, creativity forums, and have attended ‘self-help’ workshops. They’ve all been helpful, but none of those methods have made my creative process clearer and my creative vision more energized than when I’ve had virtual sessions with Alexis. She’s both a healer and an artist herself, so she has a deep empathy for creative folks needing to get their shine on, but who are feeling a little stuck. What I appreciate most about working with Alexis is that she works with me on a spiritual, emotional level, but then provides practical tools that I can call upon daily. 


Kristina L.