Your body is changing. You are inexplicably tired. You can’t believe you just ate that meal. You can’t believe that meal is revisiting you again. Is this how your mother felt? Should you call her? No, you decide not to call her. Your partner asks how you’re feeling. That question knocks you for a loop. You need support.


I’ve been a doula for the last 10 years supporting over 275 babies as they enter into the world. Birth has been the biggest teacher in my life. Birth lessons can be used as a lens to explore any transformation we may be undergoing. We are always letting go in order to birth something new. In order to fully surrender to this process, it’s important to feel support, to be witnessed, acknowledged and encouraged to stretch just a little bit more, to let go a little deeper. When you feel held, safe, heard and seen your birth can be an extremely empowering experience.

I approach labor support with compassion, nonjudgment and loving kindness. Birth is a rite of passage and I offer my clients emotional, mental and physical support prenatally, during the birth itself and postpartum. I also provide information so my clients can make informed decisions about their birth and newborn care.

The benefits of a doula:

  • shortening first-time labor by an average of 2 hours
  • decreasing the chance of caesarean section by 50%
  • decreasing the need for medication
  • helping partner’s confidence during pregnancy, labor and postnatally

increasing breastfeeding success.


While it might sound like a paradox, relaxation during birth is crucial. When a mother is in a relaxed state, the hormones in the body that navigate labor can work more efficiently. Depth Hypnosis is a tool that can help train you to get into the relaxed state more easily. It helps shift the mind and body from the anxious mode of fight or flight to a state of flow.

Hypnosis creates a pathway to the subconscious making it easier to connect to your intuition and the body’s wisdom. This pathway acts as a guide in the labor process. I’ll teach you simple and easy tools that can be practiced prenatally and during the birth process. With your partner, the same rules apply. They can use the tools of depth hypnosis to access their intuition and ease into a relaxed state that can better support you during your birth.

Fear Release Sessions for Birth:

Birth is 90% mental, so the clearer and more confident you are going into your birth experience, the more opportunity you have for a really positive experience. Sometimes fear and old patterns surface as a woman and her partner approach the rite of passage of birth and parenthood. This is totally normal. I help my clients release anything that might hinder the pathway way in birth.


While I was volunteering at a birth clinic in Bali, a midwife taught me about a greater significance of the placenta that I had not known before. She taught me it was a baby’s spiritual twin and guardian of the baby. After a birth, while the mother’s energy was depleted or she lost a substantial amount of blood, the midwife would give her a bit of her placentA (dipped in honey) and within moments the bleeding would stop. The mother would seem revived.

Placenta medicine is the most local medicine, grown by women’s own bodies to nourish their babies and themselves. When women consume their placenta, they have:

  • Increased energy in the days, weeks and months after birth.
  • Balanced emotions, less ‘baby blues,’ postpartum depression.
  • Fast involution of the uterus (return to normal), less bleeding.
  • Rapid healing time from birth tears or trauma.
  • Greater milk supply and ease of breastfeeding.
  • Improved bonding with their baby.
  • Restoration of essential hormones, nutrients & minerals.

A spoonful of honey and placenta might not be your thing, so I can transfer your placenta into:

Capsules: They’re tasteless, last about a year, and the effects can be felt immediately.

Tinctures:  You and your child can use these tinctures during any time of transition, trauma, or emotional distress and it will ease your symptoms. You can later use it for menopause and if you have a daughter she can use it during menses.