Body Casting

Body casting is a deeply healing process that allows you to connect to your body through a joyful artistic process. We’ll integrate the shamanic journey, guided visualization and energy medicine, to get at the root of any challenges you are feeling in your relationship to your body.


Our work begins with a short email questionnaire to help me understand what you’d like to focus on. After an initial conversation, I’ll lead you through a guided visualization with the intention of connecting to your body’s wisdom. This part of yourself will be your guide and the focus for us during the rest of the session.

Next, we’ll do the body casting portion of our session. I cast your front torso or back in our two hour session of meditation and playful ritual. During the casting I follow your lead, sometimes the sessions are chatty and celebratory; sometimes they are quiet and reverent conversation about what is coming up for you in the process. Some clients prefer to simply listen to music during this process.  Once the casting is complete, I’ll remove the cast and introduce you to your body in a new way.

You can paint and decorate the body casting or you can commission Alexis to create and paint an image on your cast. Please contact her directly to set up a single session. Or a body casting session can be incorporated into the Blossom or Butterfly packages

Tending to your body through casting can help:

  • increase confidence in your body
  • connect you to your deeper wisdom and intuition through the connection with your body
  • strengthen the connection to who you are through the connection with your body
  • celebrate  a particular transitional time that your body might be going through
  • honor the body as the vessel for creative energy
  • give loving attention to any part of the body that has been through an intense experience whether it be surgery, pregnancy, cancer, or disordered eating
  • heal body shame
  • heal a deeper subconscious shame of being a woman and of all of the cycles of womanhood
  • create a compassionate relationship with the body
  • transforms the relationship with your body