Creativity Coaching

A Creativity Coach (or Creativity Doula…as I like to call it) is like a birth doula, but instead of baby humans, we’ll work together to birth your creative visions, launch your next project, and put the work you’re most passionate about, out into the world. And, come to think of it,  this new creative phase might involve you birthing an actual human or starting your own family. Whatever it is, I’ll help you to cultivate a creative life.

In my decade of experience as a birth doula, I supported hundreds of women as they faced the unknown and launched major personal transformations on a regular basis. I draw upon the modalities and processes I used with these soon-to-be mamas for artists and anyone looking to make their creative vision real. Birth is a powerful teacher. It taught me that transformation and growth is about letting go, surrendering to a creative power and letting that power move through our bodies and our actions.

The transitional stage between letting go and becoming, is where we often need support. It’s vulnerable, but incredibly fertile ground upon which we can birth ourselves and our aspirations in a new way. And that’s where I come in. I’ll help you shed your old ways of being and powerfully step into a new phase. We’ll address any obstacles that disrupt the creative process and creative energy. Finally, I’ll help you strengthen and harness the connection to your creative wisdom so you can go forth and create!


 How can we do this work together?

Each session is unique to each individual and what they need. I welcome clients for in person sessions in my Los Angeles office, but I primarily offer virtual sessions so that this work can be convenient for you and literally meet you where you’re at. I have lots of clients that meet with me virtually, either through Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime or whatever platform can best help us connect through and beyond the screen.

We begin each session with a conversation, so that we can begin to pinpoint what you may need, the vision you’re striving for and what tools can best support you in your process.

1. Connect

We’ll get in touch with your creative vision. It could be a creative project, a new career, a relationship, a vision for a healthier life, and a new aspect of yourself you are trying to cultivate, Whatever you’re striving for, we’ll work together to get clear about it, visualize it, articulate it. You don’t have to know concrete, logistical details about this vision, but rather, we want to explore the kind of energy it emulates. Does it feel exciting, energizing, meaningful, fulfilling, edgy, nurturing?

Maybe you’re connecting to your vision through a current discomfort or obstacle. You feel anxious, depressed, constricted and you don’t know why. Your creative vision is pushing these patterns to the surface, crying out, and frantically jumping up and down to get your attention. It’s a message from yourself to yourself. A splash of cold water to your core, reminding you to stay awake!

2. Clear

This is where we go deep. When someone is on the verge of something new—pursuing a dream or particular path of growth—any issue that may have lain dormant comes to the surface to be revealed. This can be scary or unnerving and make you want to run screaming in the opposite direction of your potential growth, new project or rebirth. But, I’m here to tell you that when issues start coming to the surface, they become a portal to direct healing and transformation. On the other side of the issue is your power.

This is when the vital tool of Depth Hypnosis comes in.

If Depth Hypnosis is a new idea to you and you’re intrigued, you can learn more here.

3. Create

Now that you’ve started to clear and explore the conscious and subconscious forces that impact your creative process, we’ll pair this approach with practical strategies that’ll support your Creative Vision. We’ll work together to set goals and connect to other resources that can support your vision. With weekly 75 min one on one sessions, I’ll help hold you accountable in taking the steps that you’ve designed to transform your creative vision into a reality. A birth doula creates a supportive team around a soon-to-be mama before a huge transformation and that’s exactly what we’re doing here as well.