Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will it take before my creative block is gone?

The work really meets you where you are. There is no particular timeline that I can promise. But what I will say is that when a client is willing to meet themselves and has made the commitment to either truly heal the presenting issue or they are committed to the next phase in their life the work can be swift. If we are working with a pattern that has made it’s home in your psyche, it can take some time to unwind. But of all of the modalities that I have worked with depth hypnosis is the most transformative, deep and fast moving.  I recommend starting off with a 4 session package. Not only are you committing to yourself but you get a great sense of the work and will receive insights and deep healing around the issue at hand. I also want to acknowledge that sometimes a client needs to move slowly and that is exactly what that particular client might night. A sacred and contained space to be with themselves and open slowly, this is particularly helpful if they are used to moving too fast in their lives. It can be a rebuilding of their boundaries and re connection to their own essential rhythm and balancing of their nervous systems.

Will I remember everything from the hypnotherapy session?

You will remember as much as you do in your daily life, most likely more because you are so mindfully focused. You don’t leave your body. In fact, the body is the entry way for this work. You are more deeply connected to your body and yourself. In fact, I remember more vividly what has happened in my trance work than what happens in my day to day and I have heard this numerous times from my clients. We will also process the information that comes through together so when you walk out of the office door or hang up from our virtual session you will be able to move with the wisdom into your daily life. We will work together to make sense of the guidance and so you can integrate it into your daily life and creative processes.

What if I can’t go under?

In the session I meet the client with where they are, there is no right way to do the work. There isn’t something that is supposed to happen. It is quite simple really. I support the client in getting into a comfortable relaxed state and we work with what is there. There is no where you need to go. You don’t necessarily go under. It is more along the lines of being with what is right under the surface, what you are feeling, sensing and we work with that. We use the body’s sensations as a doorway in so whatever is there is exactly what we work with.

Will I be re-traumatized?

No, when we start our work together it is very important that the you are connected to your internal guidance first. We don’t do any of the deeper work until this is set up. We follow the lead of your guide, you will not go into anything you are not ready to go into. While some of the sessions can be intense, and there can be emotional release, it is not about looping or reliving the experience. The intention is to stop or disrupt the cycle of re-trauma. When a traumatic event happens a part of the self breaks away to protect themselves. This part is stuck and still feels like the trauma is still happening over and over again. So the intention is to go to this part that is experiencing the trauma with your guide, the guide offers healing to this part and helps to integrate it back into the whole of the self, In shamanic terms this is called Soul Retrival.

Will we just look at the spiritual/energetic piece or will we discuss very practical aspects of my new project or new endeavor?

 I think spirit/ energy work is very practical. We cannot separate the two. We are physical and we are energetic beings. We work with the physical body to enter into the spirit world and we work with the body to express it. After the part of the session where you work with the deeper healing we talk about different ways you can bring the healing or insights into the world. We can go into the hypnotic sphere with very clear and practical questions.  The work is about healing any obstacles to creative visions so when they are cleared and healed there is so much more space for the creative flow, we get out of our way and there is more fuel for the day to day.

The most productive I am is after I do this work personally. I am so tapped into my power that my creative energy just flows into anything that I am working on. If it is a bigger and more emotional session, you may need a little bit more time to integrate, be with yourself, process, but then watch out, most likely you have healed something very big and your capacity to hold more power has greatly expanded!