Calling all Warrior Artists


If you landed here you’re a an artist, a healer and catalyst all rolled up into one.

You are a spiritual warrior of the highest frequency of Light.

You are a conduit of LOVE.

You travel into the world of the unseen and bring back wisdom and visions for the global tribe through your creations. 

You are a mapmaker of the Spirit and energetic realm. A guide. A devotee of the Divine through Creative Expression.


The Invitation 

You’ve received this invitation as a calling to commit more deeply to your creative mission during this transformative time on the planet. 

This journey is not always comfortable but the support of your muses and guides are more available to you at this time than ever before.

You are ready to release fear and to stretch beyond creative resistance and limitations and create the BIG ART that you’ve been longing to make. 

This isn’t ordinary art that you’re INSPIRED TO MAKE- this is something new. Something you’ve never created before. This is art that heals, amplifies and transforms.

This is the art that the world needs and you know it with every cell of your body. 

It’s an exciting journey and support is essential to help you stretch beyond what you have known before.

This is your threshold moment.

Will you take the next step to bring your creative dream to life? 

If you are a full body YES…I would love to chat with you. 


I am Alexis Cohen

I am a Visionary Artist, Creative Empowerment Mentor, and Shamanic Practitioner. 

I am so honored to support you as you heal and strengthen your connection to your power and inutition through shamanic techniques and creative practices. 

Creatives are stepping up in a new and powerful way and I'm passionate about supporting this new rising tide of artists, healers, visionaries, entrepreneurs and innovators.


Ready to bring your Creative Vision to life? THIS IS YOUR THRESHOLD MOMENT. Let’s talk!