Hi there!

I know what it feels like to have many different interests - and not knowing how to bring it all together. I have felt the frustration of intense creative visions pushing up inside - not knowing what the vision is, how to get it out, or where to start. 

And I know what it takes to break through these growing pains, find my voice, and get my BIG CREATIVE VISION out into the world!


Here’s a little about my background & experience:

  • I have 15+ years of experience in 1-on-1 counseling & mentoring

  • I am a visionary artist

  • I am a shamanic healer

  • I was a birth doula for 10+ years, and this experience greatly informs my creative outlook!

  • I have a calling: to support artists in seeing different creative interests and passions not as pulls in different directions, but as a call for a bigger vision that is expansive & includes it all! I am committed to sharing this calling and providing tools to bring YOUR BIG CREATIVE VISION to life!


Contact me with any questions, or to find out how we can work together!