Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be an experienced artist to join the Artist Ascension Academy?

    Nope! This process meets you exactly where you are! We have folks who are picking up a paint brush for the very first time, and people who have been creating work for decades. This process is about opening and up-leveling your creativity - no matter where you are in your process!

  • Do I have to know what my Creative Vision is to join the Artist Ascension Academy?

    Nope! This process will support you in connecting to your vision & honing it in! And if you already have a clear vision, it will expand and evolve through our time together.

  • What if I already have a spiritual/religious practice?

    The Artist Ascension process connects you with the divine, however you experience it, as your creative source. It goes hand-in-hand with any spiritual and religious belief system. We are all one!

  • I’m already so busy and spread thin - how can I handle another commitment?

    The Artist Ascension Academy supports you in incubating and developing your Creative Vision. This structure is designed with your self-care, connection to spirit, and creativity as your foundation. When you source power in this way, you’re operating at a higher frequency and you’re able to accomplish more in your day with ease, joy, and flow.

  • What results can I expect from the Artist Ascension Academy?

    The results are unique to each person in the program! Through the process, we uncover your true Creative Vision and the sacred body of work that is ready to be born. You will receive clarity on what your spirit truly wants to make, and create it in collaboration with the divine. You will be part of a creative community the provides support, accountability, and inspiration.

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